Just wanted to send out a quick update.  We're still currently in New Mexico.  Like a lot of the country we've had one snow storm after another.  In some area's out here we've
consistently had three to four feet of snow (here's some pic's after the county came and cleared the roads http://preachingjesus.wordpress.com/2010/02/01/snow/  ).  Coming from living in Texas it's been quite an experience and very challenging at times.  Especially trying to keep the road clear so we can get on and off the property.  In fact, there were some times that we've barely been able to make if off the land.  Thankfully though, it's really warming up and the snow is melting quite fast.  As of now, it still looks like we'll be here quite a bit longer than expected.  There are still a few things we need to finish and we need everything to be completely dry to do it.
If you would, please pray for us and our ministry time here.  The next two days we'll be driving into Gallup and Albuquerque and looking for areas where we can start doing street preaching and ministry starting this month .  As of now we're planning on preaching in both unless we hear the Lord direct us to focus in just one area.  I'm also writing a couple new tracts that I hope to have finished very soon. Lord-willing we'll be able to print a lot of these and use them in outreaches.  Nothing fancy, just a basic gospel tract with a sound gospel message. I'm looking forward to getting back out on the streets and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  Please keep us in prayer and pray that God's grace will be with us as we start preaching in these surrounding cities.  Thank you all for your continued prayer.
IN Christ,
Sean & Lisa Scott
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