Greetings IN Jesus Name!


This will be our last update from Mexico. We have a had a wonderful time ministering in Mexico but the Lord is brining it to a close. On Friday we’ll be heading back to New Mexico and will be staying there for a more long term ministry…Praise the Lord! While I’ve usually preferred to live and minister outside the US, I am truly excited to be going back to the US because the Lord has shown us He is going to establish a long term ministry for us there. One, that by the grace of God, we’ll be able to plant and see lasting fruit. The Lord has given us so much confirmation that I am very expectant about what God is going to do and establish for His kingdom. I can’t think of another time where the Lord has given me such hope and faith that He is going to bring about what I’ve been longing to see, the salvation of many souls and a healthy local fellowship established. Again, I rejoice that the Lord has sent us to different places to exhort brethren and work alongside them. I’ve learned and grown a lot through it. But I’m excited that the Lord is planting us somewhere that we can plant roots and see lasting fruit. I’m also excited that the Lord is sending a few brethren to New Mexico for us to fellowship with and for us to labor together with. Braden, the brother who has been ministering and fellowshipping with us here in Mexico, will be moving to New Mexico at the end of May. Also, another brother and his family will be relocating from Texas sometime at the end of May or in June. When we leave on Friday, we’ll head back to our land in the mountains but will be finding a place in the city (most likely Albuquerque or Gallup) where we’ll live and do ministry. We know that in time the Lord will make all those details clear…He always does. I’ve learned that in following the Lord, He does not always give you all the details of what He is doing at once. In my own life, I’ve seen the Lord give us just enough revelation of His will to require us to believe and walk by faith. As we follow Him with the revelation He’s given us, we then see the Lord provide for our needs and give us clearer direction. For instance, when we came to Mexico this last time, we arrived in CA with a few hundred dollars. We knew the Lord said it was time to leave so we left and came this way. We arrived at Braden’s place in CA with a few hundred dollars not knowing where we would live. We still needed to find a house and furnish the necessary things needed to live in it. But it wasn’t until we got to CA that the Lord supplied the money we needed to rent a home and furnish the appliances, dishes, etc. Then when we drove down to Mexico, the Lord provided a place for us to live the first day we where here. God always gives us enough leading and confirmation to step out in faith and trust Him. And so many times He’s taken us to the very end of our ability and supply and then supplied everything we needed, and then some! I know the Lord will do the same as we head back to the US. He’ll be faithful to direct our steps…He always does.


I want to ask that if you feel led to, please pray for Francisco. Francisco is a man I’ve know now for a couple months. He used to live on the streets by the border fence and would spend his days shooting up heroin. One day, brother Noe was preaching down there, and Francisco left with Noe to go to a drug rehab. Since that time, I’ve been spending time with him almost every week, talking to him about Christ. He has been free from heroin all this time and you can tell that his mind is starting to come back. He’s been using heroin for probably 30 plus years. He’s been reading the Bible everyday and is coming to know the scriptures quite well. Yet as of today, he still remains outside of Christ, not having been born again. He definitely seems close, and I’m believing the Lord will complete the good work I see him doing in this man. Brother Noe will continue to minister to him when we leave.


Probably the most difficult part about leaving will be saying goodbye to Noe and not seeing him anymore. He is a dear brother whose zeal for the Lord puts most Christians to shame. I have seen few brothers who have more zeal for God and who live as open and transparent a life as Noe does. In this regard, he is an example that believers could benefit by following. Even if he has nothing, he doesn’t let that stop him from rejoicing in God or hinder him from going to the streets to share the gospel with people. He’s one brother I know that faithfully preaches to the lost just about every single day. Together we have had a blessed time preaching at the different jails that the Lord gave us access too. In fact, he plans on continuing to preach in the Tijuana jail when we leave. The Lord has also helped us establish the Word as a foundation in his life. Like many Mexicans, he comes from a Pentecostal background. In Mexico, Pentecostalism is on the extreme end of the Christian spectrum. What I mean is that it’s very based upon feelings, emotions, and signs and wonders. Many times, there’s very little testing of these things with the Word of God. Because of that, there are all kinds of false teachings and practices in the Church. As we’ve continued to point our brother to the Word to test all things, we’ve seen him grow in his understanding of truth on many matters. It has been a joy to see. In fact, the Lord has even recently given him some prophetic dreams that he will be having conflict with his local church as he stands for the Word of God and not the practices and traditions of men. Unfortunately, this is the process that many believers find themselves in when they begin to test all things by the Word of God. But it’s also a process that God uses to grow a believer and have them trust in Him and love the truth above all things. I’m praying the Lord’s perfect work will be done in his life. Here is a picture of Noe. He's also in the picture above in white on the left.

I will also be putting Noe up on our site for support. If you would like to help support a genuine brother who truly does labor in the gospel, then he would be a good brother to support. I have seen him live on practically nothing and yet still remain faithful to preach the gospel. I have also seen where we have given him support, and he generously shared his resources with others. He’s a brother I know where money truly does not have a hold on his heart. Right now, he lives with his unconverted brother’s family. It’s not the best living situation. They are drug addicts and indulge in some pretty wicked things. We are praying the Lord will provide him a place of his own. When we left recently to visit the states for a week, Noe stayed at our place while we were gone. Aside from ministry, he basically spent the whole week in private prayer. While we were here in Mexico, we offered for him to live with us, but I think he didn’t want to impose. But we’re praying that the Lord, through brethren, will provide enough for him to get his own place. He can get a small place for about $100 a month. If you would like to help support him, just send me an email and we can talk further.

Thank you to all of you who keep us prayer. It is greatly appreciated. May God Bless you...

IN Christ,

Sean & Lisa Scott