A man’s heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps. (Prov 16:9)

We’ve had a little change of plans since our last update.  Being finished traveling around the country we had planned to go back to India to continue preaching with brethren and ministering to the lost.  It was something we were really looking forward to and something we still long too do.  However, just as the Lord stopped the Apostle Paul from preaching in Asia the Lord has stopped us from returning there at this time as well.  We were actually in the process of making our plans to return when the Lord began to bring to pass a prophetic dream He had given Lisa about two and half years ago.  For those who don’t know my wife, she frequently receives prophetic dreams from the Lord.  Some come to pass very soon and some come to pass years later.  With Lisa there are “usually” two main reasons why God gives her prophetic dreams.  He gives them to sometimes confirm His specific will or direction in our life and sometimes He gives them to warn or correct a condition in a particular fellowship or a specific believer’s life.  While there can be a great danger in and for those who run after dreams and visions this certainly hasn’t been our pursuit.  The Lord, at least in our lives, seems to use them to confirm our steps and does so by bring to pass what He has shown.    The dream the Lord gave Lisa a couple years ago had to do with us receiving land.  The short version is that in her dream I came to her and told her that someone had bought land for us.  I was carrying the title to the land in my hands.  She asked me to see the title and on the back was written the name of the person who would buy the land.  In another dream the Lord showed Lisa that the land would not only be provision for us but also for other saints.  She received the dream about the land before we went to Mexico.  I don’t believe I told anyone about it except for the brother and sister we preached with in Mexico.  We didn’t know when it would come to pass but believed it was from the Lord.  Since the time God gave Lisa the dream we’ve been to Mexico, India and have recently been traveling through the U.S.  Our last stop before coming back to Texas was New Mexico.   We had a short visit with a brother there and then were praying about what was next for us.  In our hearts we’ve had a sincere desire to return to India and it even seemed as if doors where opening for us to return.  However, as we were praying and planning on returning to India I received a call from the person (a believer) the Lord showed us who would buy the land.  They stated we should consider getting land anywhere in the US, that they would buy it, and we could live on it and use it as a place we to stay when not traveling.  They too also said they thought the Lord would use it at a later time for other believers.  It was amazing.  It was just as the Lord has shown Lisa in the dream.   Even realizing this was from the Lord we had mixed feelings.  We really desired to return to India and preach with the brothers that God gave us fellowship with.  Yet at the same time, since God was bringing this to pass, it seemed as if the Lord would have us stay here at least for now.  So we headed back to Texas and began to look for land.  We were able to find some land outside of Texas and took a couple days to visit it.  It seemed like an ideal place that would fit the purpose the Lord had shown us it would be for.  We came back to Texas and began negotiating with the seller.  At first he seemed to not want to come down any on the price.  After some unfruitful negotiating it seemed as if might not get the land until the following year.   I decided that if this was the case, that we were not going to get the land until later next year, that our family would return to India until then and continue preaching.   I didn’t doubt that the Lord would provide it but thought maybe the timing was off.   So I got online and booked five tickets to India.  About an hour later I got this feeling that I had just made a mistake.  It was a terrible feeling.  I felt that I had moved ahead of God and that He still wanted to provide the land for us now.  I then looked in my email at our ticket confirmations.  When I looked at them I noticed that the online booking company had billed us for $800 more than the tickets cost!  I got on the phone with them and they said since there was an error and that if I was unhappy they would refund our tickets!  I really felt like this was of the Lord.  I then felt led that we should call the seller of the land back and just give him the bottom price once again and see what he says.   The person buying the land called him back and the seller accepted the offer!  Just like that we now had land and our plane tickets were refunded!   Again it was another moment of joy and sorrow.  Joyful to see the Lord work and be in His will but sorrowful at the thought of not being able be with and preach with the brethren in India. 

It might be hard for some to understand but having these two options has been difficult for us.  It can be easy to let go of the things that we know that without question are sin.  But it can be even more difficult to let go of things that, at times, can be good and even seem right…like going to a foreign land, preaching to the lost..ect.  But even these desires, which may seem good, are things we must die to if the Lord would not have them for us at a particular time.   Not that the desires are bad but fulfilling them outside of the the Lord’s timing and His will are what is wrong.  We are called to live by the Spirit, to be led by the Spirit of God, and not by what seems best to us.  This was a struggle for me through all of this but I’m glad the Lord took me through it.  It’s the trials and testing’s that prove the genuiness of our faith and/or expose the condition of our hearts. 

At the moment we are currently on our way to go stay on the land for a couple months.  It’s undeveloped so we’re going to stay there in our travel trailer while it’s made more livable (having power, sewer, water, ect put in).  After that we are planning to continue preaching to the lost ministering to brethren (wherever the Lord would have that be).   It’s been kinda difficult even thinking about being there for a couple months and not actively engaged in ministry.  But I’ve come to see the land and our time there as a family as a blessing from the Lord (and it is because He provided it!).  Our family has been on travel mode for about the last two years.  And since Feb our family has traveled quite a bit all over the U.S. in our travel trailer.  So we are looking forward to spending some personal time as a family and being able to spend some extended time in prayer and reading and studying the word of God.   And we rejoice to see the Lord’s provision not only for us but also for other believers in His timing. 

I mentioned in my last update my (Sean) desire to see Muslims come to Christ.  That hasn’t changed by any means.   I still long to see that happen and for the Lord to use me and many others for that end.  While I believe the Lord will do that I know that at this time God has directed our steps in a different direction and is fulfilling what He had revealed to us He would do. 

While we’re there we should have internet access, so Lord-willing, I plan on writing and blogging some.  We’ll also be able to send and respond to email.    

If you think too, please keep our family in prayer.  We are always in need of God’s continued grace in our lives.  We are thankful for each of you who do pray for us.  

We pray the Lord keep you during this hour and give you discernment to guard your soul.  And may you truly long for the Lord’s glorious appearing and be found being a faithful servant ready to meet your Master when He returns!

IN Christ,

Sean & Lisa Scott