Greetings Brethren!

By the grace of God we made it to India and are doing well.  It was a long flight but we finally made it.  We flew standby and thankfully we were able to make each flight without any problems.  A friend of ours had helped us get standby tickets which helped to keep the cost of the flights down.  Everything about the flight was great until we landed in Mumbai and learned that none of our luggage had made it out of New York.  There wasn't much we could do so we continued on the way and flew from Mumbia to Hyderabad.  I was able to meet the brethren at the airport and then started working on our luggage.  They told us they had located all of our bags and that they would arrive a day later.  So we left the airport and drove 6 hours to the village that we'll be living in.  The next morning I got up with the brethren at about 3:00 a.m. and drove the 6 hours back to the airport to get the luggage.  However, when we got there they said it still wasn't there and they were "expecting" them to arrive in the evening.  So we all stayed at a hotel outside of Hyderabad until the evening and thankfully our luggage arrived when we made it back to the airport.  So we headed back and started our third 6 hour drive back to the village.  I have to say, after flying for 30 hours and driving for about 20 hours I was getting a little delirious towards the end.  After a couple days of rest though and some time in prayer and the word I am refreshed and feeling much better! 

Lisa and the kids have been doing great too.  Jeremiah did good on the plane ride and to our surprise we were able to get the seats with the bassinet for the long flight over the ocean.  So far only Ethan's had a little sickness but he's already doing better. 

We're still staying in a hotel as the brethren look for a place for us to stay.  They had a place lined up but before we got here the owner rented it to someone else.  So our hotel stay is going to be a little longer than expected but we trust the Lord will provide a place for us soon. 

It's been a real blessing to meet and fellowship with some of the brethren here.  They really have been Christ like servants as they've sought to make sure we are well taken care of.  I was able to attend their fellowship last Sunday.  It's held in a little rented house that's maybe 500-700 square feet.  The roof is made out of tree branches that have been woven together.  It was raining during fellowship so we all got a little wet but this didn't stop about 30 people from coming together to worship the Lord and fellowship together.  I was able to pray with just about everyone there and sing a hymn for them in English.  I'll start preaching there next week and as soon as we find a house we'll start open air meetings in the villages.

If you would..please keep me in pray for this coming Wednesday.  I was able to meet a believing professor at one of the local secular colleges.  He's asked me to come and preach the gospel to about 250 of his Hindu students on Wednesday!  I'll be purchasing 250 new testaments to take with us to hand out to the students when we're finished.  Pray that God would use me to glorify the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit, to clearly present the Gospel of God's grace! 

Thank you brethren for praying!  Lord-willing I'll write another update next week and try to upload some pics. 

IN Christ,

Sean & Lisa

**For those of you who have or will be emailing me it may take me a couple days to respond.  Everything takes a little longer over here and the power is out at least 3 or 4 times a day.  But I'll write back!  :)

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