Praise the Lord!  We made it here to Mexico on Thursday.  We pulled into San Diego at about 4:00 and headed to the border.  Crossed the border with no problems and headed to Josef's.  We were about 15 miles from his place and turned down a wrong street.  But the Lord had someone there to turn us around.  About 30 seconds after we made the wrong turn a car pulls up to us and ask us if were lost.  We told him where we were going and he got us pointed back in the right direction.  I was really thankful because I probably would have been lost forever.  The streets are very confusing down here.  So we kept going and met Josef and his wife at the gas station we had set as a meeting point.  It was good to see him again and to get to meet his wife.  We all went back to Josef and Lina's house.  By this time it was getting dark.  Myself, Lisa and the kids were all pretty tired and we had been sick for the last day or so.  At this point though we were feeling very sick.  Here we saw the Lord provide for us again.  Josef and Lina have a small one room place.  They said we could stay there until we rented a place but it would have been really difficult.  But, right before we crossed the border one of my family members called and offered to get us a hotel till we found a place!  I did realize how much of a blessing this would be until we all crossed the border sick.  So we found a hotel and have been staying here the last few days.  I'm really thankful we've had it especially with the kids.  It's been amazing to see how the Lord had already provided for us.

There's a brother in the Lord that Josef had met when he moved down here.  Come to find out he's moving out of his house at the same time we moved down here.  So we went by and saw it and should be moving into it in a few days.  It's a small place in really poor neighborhood but it has hot water and seems to be where the Lord would have us.  It needs a lot of work so we'll be cleaning, painting it and getting it ready to live in the next few days.  Lord willing we'll be all settled after this next week and be able to start doing outreach.  Please keep us in prayer!

7/16/2012 12:37:58 am

Just dropped by to say hello, so, hello mate!


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