July Update
-Sean & Lisa Scott-
(Preaching In Asia)

Proclaiming the excellencies of Him who has called us out of darkness into His marvelous light!!  (1 Peter 2:9)


Another Arrow in the Quiver!
(Psalm 127:3-5)

As many of you know we've been back in Dallas for a couple months waiting for the birth of our son.  And Praise the Lord, Jeremiah Aiden was born on July 3rd at 5.13 lbs.  Though he was born on the smaller side, as with all our children, he has been eating well and putting on weight.  It's been a blessing to see his brother and sisters so affectionate towards him and eager to spend time with him.  Here's a few pic's of the kids as they take turns holding their brother:        

With Jeremiah here we'll be leaving for India, Lord-willing, by the end of the month.  We've started working on his passport and should have all our travel documents by the end of next week.  While I can't say I've enjoyed being back in the States I have been extremely blessed to fellowship with some brethren who are dear to my heart.  And you know, it doesn't matter where one lives as long as there are others in the body of Christ to worship with and fellowship with.  You could even be like Paul and Silas in jail, still praising God and enjoying the fellowship of the Holy Spirit! True brethren are a blessing from God.  I wouldn't want all the money in the world in exchange for taking away true fellowship with Godly brethren who love the Lord. 

So, if everything goes as planned we'll be leaving by the end of the month (or shortly after).  When we get there we'll be staying in an inexpensive hotel while we look for a place to live near some of the brethren there.  After getting the family settled in I'll begin a heavy time of preaching in some of the surrounding villages near where we live.  Not sure about all the details but trust the Lord will lead us as He's always be faithful to do. 
Since we've been back in Dallas we've experienced attacks from the enemy to keep us from doing what God has called us to do.  But I praise the Lord through it all!  God was faithful to warn both myself and Lisa regarding the trials we would experience while being back in Dallas.  One morning during family bible study we were reading out of Mark Chapter 8.  It's the text where Peter seeks to keep Jesus from going to the cross and where Jesus, speaking to Peter, rebukes the Devil.  I wrote a short note about it on my blog that you can read by going to our site.  Basically Peter was seeking to keep Jesus from the suffering and death that God had ordained.  So the Lord had quickened this passage to me but I did not realize the full reality of why until later.  Then the Lord gives my wife a dream.  (Those who know my wife know the Lord speaks to her this way often - usually to give warnings).  In the dream there were two evil guys who appeared in our living room.  Lisa thought they were after our kids but they were after us and trying to get us to TAKE OFF OUR SHOES!  Lisa then woke up from the dream.  Immediately the Lord quickened to her what the shoes represent - THE GOSPEL OF PEACE.  These men, who represent wicked spirits, were seeking to get us take off our shoes, the gospel of peace, and cease from preaching the gospel.  And I tell you, that is exactly what we've experienced from many since we've been back - from non-believers AND professing believers.  We've had people question us about the wisdom of our going, people talk about how we're depriving our children because they won't be raised in America, people seeking to cause us to doubt or have fears about going, and people saying we should by round trip tickets "just in case".  Of course this is to be expected from those who do not know Christ.  But from professing Saints?  Never!!  Though I haven't, I'm inclined to rebuttle them like Jesus did to Peter (and in reality Satan) -
“Get behind Me, Satan! For you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.”  It's ok for people wanting to make sure that you know God's will in the matter but then they should encourage you to pick up your cross and follow Jesus.  Jesus carried a cross, His disciples carried their cross, and us current day disciples have the same cross to carry as well.  It would do well for many to go back and read Luke 14 and examine their lives by the saying of the Lord Jesus in that chapter.   But I know that behind it all is the devil.  It's the devil, or wicked spirits, that seek to distract the saints and keep them from following the narrow path that Jesus has said we must abide on.  So I pray for these people and thank the Lord for the trial.  Trials serve to bring us closer to the Lord and cause us to rely on His strength and power and not our own.  And there have been a few brethren that have been a tremendous blessing as they've encouraged us to follow Jesus wherever He leads.  They live their lives with their eyes on eternity and seek above all for all our lives to Glorify the Lord Jesus during our short time here on this earth. 

While I know difficulties await us, it is a true joy to be able to follow Jesus and declare the EXCELLENCIES of the ONE who has called us out of darkness and into His glorious light.  And when we step into eternity and see the one we love as He really is we'll all wish we had given more to Jesus who has loved us so much. 

So brethren, please remember to keep us in prayer - we need it!  Looking back at our experience in Mexico I know how real this spiritual battle is.  I know how real the enemy is, how much we need to watch and pray, and how utterly dependent we must be on the Lord alone and to put no confidence in the flesh.  And of the many blessing the Lord bestowed on us in Mexico one of the greatest blessing was to know that brothers and sisters in the Lord were faithfully praying for us.  I'm unable to really describe to you how blessed I was to hear of brethren in New Mexico and Dallas say they had been praying for us during our time in Mexico.  So we truly thank you in Jesus Name for keeping us in prayer! 



 - That we would stay in the center of God's perfect will at all times.- That we would be delivered from temptation, kept from sin, and protected from the wicked one.- That our marriage would be kept strong and beneficial for mutual edification and advancement of the Kingdom of God.
- That I (Sean) would be the godly husband and father God has called me to be.
- That our children would understand the cost of following Jesus which would lead them
closer to Christ and not away from Him. 
- That we would be baptized afresh in the Holy Spirit and power, and continually be filled with the Spirit.- That the Lord would open doors for the Gospel, and grant that we may speak with all boldness and be faithful witnesses.
- That the Lord would confirm His Word with signs following according to Mark 16:15-20.- That the people's hearts to whom we will be preaching will be prepared and receptive to the Gospel.- That salvation would be made powerfully effectual to the elect through the preaching of the Gospel.- That the Lord would grant us favor wherever we go with the authorities and with the people.- That our temporal and financial needs would continue to be provided according to His riches in glory.- Ultimately, that God would be glorified and Christ would be exalted though our mission. 

How you can help

Brethren we walk by faith!  The Lord supplies our needs and has done so through the generous gifts given to us by friends and faithful brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ. We will never beg anyone for money or manipulate the saints of God to compel them to donate to us. But I certainly want to let our needs be known to those who have given and for those who would like to give and help support us as we preach the Gospel.  I have created a page on our website that list our expected needs for living as well as for ministry.  We are truly grateful for all who willing give with a cheerful heart out of their own means so that we might preach and glorify the name of Christ. 

If the Lord has laid it on your heart to donate, you can go here to go to our ministry needs page.   http://www.preachingjesuschrist.com/ministry-needs.html

We want to say in advance that we deeply appreciate all the help and support we get from the saints of God.

"And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come."  ~ Jesus

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