Greeting in Jesus Name!

As most of you know Lisa and I have been living and preaching in Mexico for about the last 5 months.   When we came here back in January we knew the Lord was sending us here for a short period of time to preach with brother Josef and his wife.  (And it truly has been a blessing to preach with them both as they fulfill their call to preach in this country.)  We were not sure where we would be going after this but know God has always been faithful to lead us and guide us in all things concerning His will for our lives.  He doesn't always show us every detail of the picture but is always faithful to show us the next step so we learn to trust Him and walk by faith. 

During our time here the Lord allowed me to meet a brother who's preaching to Muslims in Asia.  He himself is a convert from Islam who's found peace with God and everlasting life through Jesus Christ.  After talking with this brother and spending time in prayer it seemed clear the Lord was confirming out steps to now move to Asia and preach with him with a focus of reaching Muslims in that country.  It's amazing to see the Lord bring this all about because that has been the desire He has given me since my conversion.  God sent us first to a place with no Muslims to prepare us and then used it to arrange our going overseas to preaching to Muslims.  So we praise the Lord!  Our time here is over and we look forward to what's ahead.  This week we'll be heading back to Dallas and will be there until the end of July.  Which is also a blessing because we'll be able to have the new baby in Dallas and give Lisa some time to rest before we leave. 

I've also made some changes to our website if you'd like to check it out.  I updated the "about us" page to further explain how the Lord has led us in the past towards preaching to Muslims.  I also added a Missionary Support page that has a couple missionaries that Lord willing, with the help of the Saints, we'll be able to help support. 

Two of the Missionaries on there are Josef and Lina.  It truly has been a blessing to serve with them here in Mexico and see them answer God's call for them to give their life and preach here in this country.  They are praying and planning right now to go deeper into Mexico and reach out to some of the tribes and villages that have no Christian witness.  Lord willing we'll still be able to be a part of what they are doing here by helping with support and keeping them in prayer!

Thank you all for praying for us and please do continue to keep us in prayer as we plan for what's ahead! 

IN Christ,

Sean & Lisa

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