It’s been about two weeks or so since my first post.  We just had the internet installed in our apartment yesterday so Lord-willing I’ll be able to post a little more frequently.  Up until now I’ve been using the internet that’s available at the gas station down the road.  I have to say though; it’s been really nice not having a phone, not reading the news, no emails to read..ect.  Sometimes it’s been inconvenient but it’s also been refreshing to not be inundated with information 24 hrs a day.  Just a small taste of what life was like before the internet and cell phones.  

Where to start though!  Firstly were not in the house that I first posted.  The Lord had other plans.  We had spent all day trying to clean the first house I posted.  It was a mess.  While we were cleaning it one of the water pipes broke outside the house leaking water everywhere.  Then the pipe under the sink inside the house began leaking as well.  The whole time Lisa was feeling that we should be looking for an apartment instead.  She had had a dream before we came that we were living in an apartment.  However, when we got here this was the only place we knew of and didn’t know where to look for an apartment.  So after a frustraighting day I took the family back to the hotel we were staying at and I headed up to the gas station to use the internet.  When I got to the gas station though all the tables to sit at were taken.  This one guy, name Aaron, saw me looking around for a place to sit and invited me to share his table with him.  So I sat down with him and began talking with him.  I asked him what he was doing.  He said he was working on his house that he was building and had an apartment that he needed to rent out!  So he told me about the was only about 5 minutes from where we were.  I asked him how much the rent would be, he told me, and it was the same amount we were going to pay for the house!  As I was sitting there I was just thanking the Lord because I knew all this was from Him.  He had directed mine and this mans steps to bring about what He had shown Lisa ahead of time.  He took me to his apartment so I could see it.  It’s a small two bedroom but would work great for us.  In talking with him I found out he was a Jehovah’s Witness.  So I asked him what the he thought the new birth was from John 3.  He then said it mean that you just lived a good life.  I began to share with him what it really meant and told him that he was outside of Christ and still dead in his sins.  I then shared my testimony about being born of God and explained to him what conversion was.  He seemed taken back and seemed to almost be tearing up.  After talking with him some more I went back to the hotel and told Lisa what all the Lord had done. 

            Aaron was going to move out of his apartment in about 10 days.  The problem though was that we were supposed to be out of our hotel in two days.  He said he knew another hotel we could stay at that was inexpensive.  However, when we went there it didn’t work out.  As we were driving I could see Aaron just thinking and then he turns and says that he will just go ahead and move out of his apartment and move into his house early.  So we were able to move into the apartment the day our stay at the hotel ended.  Again the Lord met our needs right on time.  One evening myself, Lisa, and the kids went out to eat with Aaron and his fiancé.  His fiancé is from the Phillapeans and doesn’t have any real concept of God except that God is love.   It was a great time and we were able to preach the Christ of the scriptures to them all through dinner.  Lord-willing I’ll be able to spend some more time with Aaron and by the Spirit continue to peal away the false teaching he believes with the truth of God’s word.  It certainly seems like the Lord has place this man in my life for more than just getting us an apartment. 

            Though we haven’t done any organized outreach yet, the Lord had given me some really good witnesses.  Another time I was picking up some pizza to bring back to the hotel.  While I was waiting for the pizza to finished cooking at the pizza place I started talking with two men who were also waiting for their food.  One of the guys pulled out this utterly wicked flyer for street festival that was coming up in the city just south of Rosarito.  He was telling me all the wicked things that go on there and pretty much inviting me to come.  I told them to hold on a sec and ran to the car and grabbed a couple gospels of John’s.  I came back inside, gave both men a gospel, and began preaching to them.  They both looked down in shame as I began to preach sin, righteousness, judgment and Christ crucified to them.  I also shared my testimony with them how Christ had forgiven my sins and set me from from drugs.  One man began to confess that he was a drug addict and was tired of his life.  He seemed like he was weary and burdened down with his sin but didn’t know what to do.  He reminded me of the verse in Psalm 38:4 “For my iniquities are gone over my head; As a heavy burden they weigh too much for me.”  I was able to point him to Christ and encourage him to read the gospel I had given him.  So far, most of the Mexicans I have talked to seem just like this man.  I’m looking forward to when myself, Lisa, Josef and Lina will be able to start having house meetings and inviting people to come.  Josef and Lina are moving into a new house this next week and we’ll be using it to have weekly meetings very soon.  This weekend we’re spending some time writing some Gospel tracts in Spanish and getting some more Spanish Gospels of John to give out.  I’ll post the tracts on our site next week sometime.  For those of you who are reading this who are disciples and followers of Jesus, please keep us in prayer.  I’ll also be updating this more frequently so you’ll know how you can pray for us.  And for those of you who have been praying, thank you so much.  God, as always, has been faithful and is leading us every step of the way.  May He alone received Glory from all our lives.


1/27/2008 11:57:30 pm

Sean & Lisa

Good morning! it is 0951 monday morning. rarely do i open this e-mail account but this morning after i took an exam on-line i decided to look at my hotmail account. lo and behold....i see an e-mail from sean scott and open it up and read it.

It is good to hear and read about the work of the lord you and lisa are doing. i

may god bless you richly for your obedience.

jennifer parkinson

10/28/2013 03:34:57 am

Your blog looked so simple to design that I decided to create one, thanks!


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