By the Grace of God we had an great outreach last Saturday.  Praise the Lord!  After spending Friday night in prayer for the outreach Myself, Lisa, Josef, Lina and a brother named Chewie all met at Josef's house on Saturday morning.  We cooked up enough Spaghetti to feed about 50 people and had bags of clothes to take with us to the village.  We headed out to the village and arrived at about 1:00.  Lucy had told us she wanted to do a bible study and would also have children there to feed.  When we pulled up there were 20-25 kids and a handful of adults just waiting for us outside of Lucy's house.  Brother Chewie gave a short message to introduce us to everyone and then we fed the kids.  Josef then preached the Gospel for out 45 minutes.  It was really good.  Just a basic overview of the Gospel - from Genesis to the Death, Burial, Resurrection of Christ, to the Judgment to come.  The best part of the whole day though was after the preaching.  Chewie took the kids and preached to them from a Gospel flip chart we have.  It's collection of pictures that takes you from Genesis to the Judgment.  It's very effective and gives a good visual to the bible passages being explained.  While Chewie was teaching the children Josef, Lina, Myself and Lisa had a bible study with 4 adults.  Josef was doing the teaching and taught out of 1st John Chapter 1.  He explained the Gospel and what a Believer in Christ looks like.  He preached against Catholicism and about having a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.   It was a really good study.  In fact, Lucy's boyfriend showed up just before the bible study and and joined us the whole time.  He seemed to be coming under the fear of God but stayed through the whole study.  Lucy, though, was coming to tears as Josef preached about Jesus.  It seemed like the Lord was really working in a couple of the adults and that their hearts were softening up to the Gospel.  By the time we were leaving the sun was starting to set.  It was good day.  The Lord Jesus Christ was preached to all!  We were able to teach the children about Jesus, teach the adults about Jesus, and set up a time to come back.  We'll be going back on Wednesday morning.  We're going to feed the children before they go to school.  Lucy told us that many of the children go to school without eating.  Sometimes for days.  She said some of the children will just pass out in class from hunger.  So were going to feed the children in the morning before school, do a bible study with them, then preach out in the village during the day, and have another bible study with adults in the evening. 

I just received about 500 Spanish Gospels of John so we'll be using those for outreach.  We're also in the process of getting some tracts printed up in Spanish.  Lord-willing we'll have those in a week or two.  While passing out clothes many of the children asked if we had blankets.  In fact, many of them wanted blankets instead of clothing.  It gets really cold here in the evenings and at night time.  Most homes, including ours, do not come with heaters or a/c's.  We were able to pass out all the blankets we had.  If you have any blankets or Spanish bibles they could really use them in the village we are preaching in.  Josef had three Spanish bibles on him which worked out perfect for the outreach.  It's exactly how many we need.  One of the adults had a bible and we were able to give the other three one of their own.  Most of the people in the village are so poor they couldn't afford a bible if they wanted to buy one.  If you'd like to help supply Spanish Bibles or blankets I'll put my mailing address in CA at the bottom where you can mail them too.  They would be a real blessing to those we are preaching too.  

I have some photos of the outreach: you can view them here:   OUTREACH PHOTO'S

For those who have been praying - THANK YOU!  And please, continue to pray, above all that Christ would be Glorified and men would be saved!

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2/12/2008 02:40:35 am

Praise God! You are all in our prayers.


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