We had a good day yesterday.  We went to visit the village we'll be preaching at on a regular basis.  It's about 30 minutes from where we live.  It's a very very poor village.  You'll see children as young as 2 or 3 year old just walking around with other children with no parents in sight.  When we pulled into the village we met a lady who told us about the village and opened up her home for us to start having bible study at.  This lady, her name is Lucy, is an unregenerate lady maybe in her 40's who's living in adultery.  She was telling us how many of the children will go to school and faint in class because of hunger.  She also said the village is full of gangs, violence, and not to come after dark.  We asked her if any Americas minister there and she just kinda laughed and said "no,..Americans don't come back here".  Lina was able to tell her why we were there and she was very joyful.  Lina then began to talk with her about her sin and the Gospel.  The lady was very eager to listen and wanted us to come back and teach her and some others God's word.  We'll be going back this Saturday to feed, preach on the streets, and then have a bible study.  It was just amazing to see how God directed us every step of the way!  I was reminded again of Proverbs 16:9:
                      A man’s heart plans his way,
                      But the LORD directs his steps.

Please keep us in prayer for this weekend .. and for Lucy, that God would open her heart to believe! (Acts 16:14)  The whole place seems like fertile ground just ripe for a harvest!  Praise the Lord!

Below is a link to some photos of the village and a link to Josefs Newsletter. 

                                    VILLAGE PHOTO'S

Josef's Newsletter:  http://www.puregospeltruth.com/february2008.html

Adam Shook
2/7/2008 12:40:08 pm

Thanks for the update, will be praying :)

2/10/2008 05:08:17 am

Thanks Adam!

2/11/2008 01:29:19 am

Hey Brother,

Praise the Lord! I'll be praying for you guys.


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