Time to Move

The Lord has clearly confirmed that our time here in India has come to an end. Our family will be leaving India to return to the U.S. on Feb 3rd. With all the opportunities to preach, people being open to the Gospel, and being able to exhort some true brethren truly makes it difficult to leave. But again and again the Lord has confirmed that this is definitely His will and has even provided the means for all 6 of our family members to fly back to the U.S. at this time (we came here on one way tickets). We’ll be back in Dallas, Lord-willing, for few weeks to visit some brethren. We’ll also be meeting up with brother Josef and his wife Lina as they cross the border to renew their visa’s. After that we’ll be headed to another state or two, Lord-willing, to exhort and fellowship with some other brethren as well.

I know this is a surprise for some that we would be departing from India at this time. Especially with all the favor God has given us. But the Lord has clearly given us direction to warn and exhort some brethren as the days grow darker and the clouds of God’s coming judgment (specifically in the U.S.) continue to grow thicker and nearer with every passing day. We know that when we are faithful with what God has called us to do in returning He will show us, as He always does, the next step and direction for us. Through everything the Lord has led us through we have learned, and are still learning, to follow and be led by the Spirit of God and NOT our own human reasoning and understanding. It would be so easy to justify staying here in India but it would be against the will of God at this time (Mark 1:37,38). So brethren please keep us in prayer as we finish our work here and prepare to leave.


Preaching at Cancer Hospital

It has definitely been interesting time here in India. The Lord has given us many opportunities to share the Gospel with people willing to listen. In fact, last week I went with a man here to a cancer hospital to pray for and minister to his mother. Instead of just praying for his mother we ended up preaching to the entire floor of patients for about and hour! It was an amazing time as we directed their thoughts to the resurrected Christ who is not only able to heal their bodies but more importantly to forgive their sins and bring them to God. There were probably about 50 people there and most of them were Hindu’s and Muslims. It truly seemed as if the Lord was doing a work as some of patients were in tears and others praying under their breath to the Lord like Hannah. We were able to pray for them all and pass out new testaments to those who wanted them before we left. So many of our outreaches have been just like this. I am thankful that there are a couple brethren here who will be able to continue the work we started in these different area’s.


True Brethren and Apostasy

In fact, my greatest joy has been to see two true brothers in the Lord grow in their faith and walk with Lord. Though we were able to preach in many different areas, villages, house meetings, churches…ect.. it seems the Lord specifically had us here for these two brothers at this time in their lives to teach them and exhort them to stand up for the truth in the midst of apostasy. And without a doubt, the apostasy with in many Indian churches is just as great as in those we see in many American churches (though it sometimes manifest itself in different forms). I can’t tell you how many false brethren we’ve met since being here. Pastors who are greedy for financial gain and using the name of Christ to promote their own kingdoms and to exalt their own names. People truly do either serve God or mammon regardless if they live in a rich country like America or poorer country like India. But we praise God he enabled us to meet some true brethren to fellowship with, to exhort and to be mutually edified. We will definitely miss these brothers and will continue to stay in contact with them and uphold them in prayer.


Nothing is Hidden From God!

I have to share a testimony about God’s goodness and care towards us that happened a couple days ago. There has been a man who we’ve continually preached too since being here. At first he seemed like he was eager to help us do daily task, acted as if he wanted to hear the gospel and at times even brought others to hear the gospel at our house. But God gave Lisa a dream a while back that this man’s heart was totally hard and that he wanted nothing to do with Christ. Which over time truly turned out to be the case. He had stolen a couple things here and there but we continued to pray for him and preach to him as the opportunities arose. Well he came over to our house a couple days ago wanting to accompany us to Hyderabad to say good by. When he was here our house owner showed up and wanted to talk with me. I had already given him notice that we were going to be leaving so this was a special trip he was making to our house from the village that he lives in. I went outside to talk with him and he said someone came by his house telling them that he was to give them our house key on the day that we leave so he could “help” move all our stuff out of the house (fridge, beds, ect.. we’re leaving these to a few brethren here). I told him I had not told anyone to go by his house and that I was leaving the key with a friend of mine. Just then this man in my house walks out to see what we’re doing and my house owner says “That’s the man! He‘s the one who came to my house”. You should have seen this young mans face. He knew he was caught and was trying to back peddle his way out of the situation. My house owner started confronting him. I told him he need to leave and he practically ran from our place once he was outside of the gate! Apparently him and his friends were planning on cleaning our place out of everything while we were on the train headed towards Hyderabad! God totally exposed him AGAIN and kept us from losing anything. Hopefully the Lord will use this to confirm to him what we’ve spoken to him about the condition of his heart and lead him to repentance. We’re very thankful the Lord was watching over us and that our house items will go to the brethren instead of a thief.


We plan on spending our last few days here fellowshipping with some dear brethren and in prayer and preparation for leaving. (and possible going to the cancer hospital again).  And by God’s grace our whole family is also recovering from being very sick which will make the travel much easier.  Please keep us in prayer and feel free to write any time.


 Now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling,

and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory

with exceeding joy

To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty,

dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen



IN Christ,

Sean & Lisa Scott


Bright Kusinyala
3/5/2009 06:33:00 pm

Dear people of God,
Iam a young Malawian evangelist involved in a healing and deliverance ministry. i would like to preach in India as you did. Can you please give me some important contacts on how i can go about it?

God bless you and i hope to recieve your early reply.


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