We are back in Texas.  I do believe that we are done traveling through the US.  Since our last update we’ve spent some time with brethren in East Texas,  in New Mexico, and then back to Texas.  Over the last six months we’ve probably traveled close to 7000 miles visiting different brethren while living out of our travel trailer.  I certainly can’t say it’s been easy.  In fact, in some ways it’s been more difficult than living in India or Mexico.  While our trailer has been a blessing it’s certainly been challenging at times for our family of six to live in such a small space.  (Lisa home schools three of our children and Jeremiah is about 14 months).  However I’m often reminded of the fact that there are so many people, especially like those in some parts of India, who would love to have the comfort and conviences that we have even in our travel trailer.  Only in America (or western country) can you pull a house behind your car that’s nicer than what so many people in the world live in every day.  And, for about the last six or seven months it’s served as our home.  So I really can’t complain!  God has provided for our every need so abundantly and upheld us through every trial (which there have been many).  While we’ve had the blessed opportunity to meet, fellowship with, and minister to some godly brethren, the Lord has also, through all this has continued to show His unfailing faithfulness to our family.  


So what’s next?  Having finished what we believe the Lord has had us do we are now planning on returning to India to continue working with the brethren there, and Lord-willing, to specifically seek to work among the Muslims and see their conversion to Jesus Christ.  God has truly given me a desire to see them come to Christ.  It’s a burden God gave me shortly after my own conversion to Christ.  Not only do I desire to see them receive eternal life in Christ I desire to see God glorified through the preaching of the Gospel among their communities (wherever they may be).  God is glorified not only through their conversions but also through a Spirit filled bold proclamation of the Gospel in spite of their sometimes murderous threats and hostility to the message we preach.  Sometimes you may be like Paul in Corinth and see many people come to Christ or you could be like Stephen and deliver a God glorifying message and then go be with the Lord.  In either case, each man was resolved to do the will of God and God had different means for using them for His glory.  We should know that whatever the Lord chooses for us will be used for His glory and possibly open a door for the Gospel to go forth.

If you’ve ever watched a video like “The Third Jihad” (which you can watch it online for free if you google it) you will see the shear boldness and determination of Muslims all over the world to preach Islam without shame and without fear of the consequences they may face.  (By the way, if you do watch it the video is not done by a Christian nor is it appropriate for minors.  Also, if you’re unable to watch Muslim “extremist” without getting angry or feeling vengeful at them then please do not watch it. )  When I see videos like this, or personally encounter Muslims like this, I get a burning Jealousy for the true God to receive the glory He is due.  It grieves my heart to see so many people deceived into believing such a demonic lie and to see them so utterly bold and committed to what they believe.  And then when you look at modern Christendom you can hardly find men that are truly willing to lay down their lives for the name of Jesus Christ!  What a tragedy considering the truth that we have.  Is not our God worthy of greater commitment and bold proclamation of the Gospel by those who call themselves by  His name?  By looking at the zeal and commitment to Christ in modern Christendom you would hardly think many Christians have really met the Lord (which is the case many times) or have something of eternal importance to offer those they believe are truly perishing.  

Now obviously believers do not wage war the same way a Muslim would.  We don’t seek the death of those who oppose us, or push for conversion by force or intimidation, nor do we seek to over throw governments and make them conform to Christian teachings.  We seek to see non-believers “come to know the only true God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent. (John 17:3)”  We seek for them to experience the same salvation we have received.  For the Holy Spirit to shed abroad the love of God in their heart by faith.  And for God to receive praise from those for whom He died.  It is a message of life, redemption, and reconciliation by a loving God.  Not that we must all become open air preachers and take to the streets but our commitment should compel us to be like the Lord, that together with the Lord, we “seek to save that which is lost”.  If we as believers are going to see greater numbers of Muslims come to Christ then we are going to have to truly lay our lives down for that to happen.  What I mean is that we must be willing to die, in some cases literally, so that others might know Christ.  Jesus said “Joh 12:23  And Jesus answered them, saying, The hour is come, that the Son of man should be glorified. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.   He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal“.   In that passage Christ is talking about His soon coming death and subsequent resurrection from the dead.  We who believe are part of the “much fruit” brought forth by Jesus Christ.  Yet this same truth is how God brings forth fruit in our lives.  Not necessarily through physical death, though it might be in some cases, but through our forsaking our lives and completely living for the will of God.  To be a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1), to be totally given over the revealed will of God in His word and the specific will of God for our individual lives.  Which, to some degree will ALWAYS include being part of brining in souls into the kingdom of God.  I am convinced of the fact that if we are to see a greater number of people come to Christ, especially from the fastest growing religion in the world,  then we are going to have to see more believers lay their lives on the line for this to happen.  And think about it, if God rejoices in heaven when one sinner repents then may we all be part, to whatever degree we can, of something we know brings God such joy.  We MUST get to the place where we can say like Paul that we are willing to suffer all things for the elects sake that they too may obtain the salvation in Jesus Christ (2 Tim 2:10).  (While I’m specifically talking about Muslims in this email it goes without saying we should have the same zeal and attitude to reach all those who don’t know Christ).

So for us, by the grace of God,  it seems the Lord has brought our family full circle and is now allowing us to go back to India and continue preaching there with the expectancy that the Lord will continue to use us to work with and edify the believers we’ve met and to preach the gospel in Muslims areas.  Since leaving India I’ve often pondered in my heart why the Lord provided 5 year residency permits for us only to send us back to the US after 6 months.  Our getting the residency permits was truly the work of a sovereign God.  (you can  read about it here:   )  Even though it all didn’t make sense at the time we knew it was the will of God for us to return to the US at that time.  We just had to trust the Lord knew what He was doing even if we didn’t understand everything.  Yet in all things God knew and accordingly provided the appropriate papers we would need the first time we where there.   So at the moment we are eagerly, and prayerfully, looking forward to returning to India.  We don’t have a date set but, Lord-willing, we are praying and planning to leave as soon as we have the finances to do so.   We have about 2/3rd of the funds need for out tickets and are believing God to provide the rest of our needs to return soon.  (If you’d prayerfully like to help, we have support info at the bottom of our page).


I know that some of you who read our site have sent support for brother Ismail so I wanted to give a quick update on him.  For those who are new to our site he is a brother in Christ who translated for me during part of my time in India.  After being kicked out of his denominational church, for preaching more of the truth, he began a home church with a few Muslim converts.  At the moment he still has his home fellowship with four converts from Islam.  He also has a Muslim man who regularly come but is not yet converted.  Brother Ismail always sounds joyful when I talk with him but I know at times he is threatened by some of the husbands of the some of the women believers who attend his fellowship.  If you remember, please keep him and his family in prayer and pray God would continue to make him bold in preaching the Gospel.  


I know that many believers have a real sense of urgency regarding the lateness of the hour we live in and a true sense from the Lord that things in this country will be changing very soon.  It seems the Lord has been giving many of His saints the same type of warnings and exhortations.  God has given many people direction to prepare, even if simple, provision for their family and other saints.  But what else would God have us do during the time?  Because we are in a spiritual battle there is a real danger, even in doing with will of God, to get sidetracked from other things God has called us to do.  I specifically want to give everyone a warning to not forget to be laboring in the vineyard of the Lord (Matt 20:1-16) and praying for or going into the harvest yourself. (Matt 9:37,38) While there are several interpretations (even applications) to the passage of the Lord sending laborers out in His vineyard in Matt 20, I would like to highlight just the simple fact that even in the eleventh hour, so very late in the day, the Lord still sent out laborers to work in His vineyard.   “And about the eleventh hour he went out, and found others standing idle, and saith unto them, Why stand ye here all the day idle? They say unto him, Because no man hath hired us. He saith unto them, Go ye also into the vineyard; and whatsoever is right, that shall ye receive.” (Matt 20:6,7).  And even in this late hour, we who believe, should be busy about our Father’s business.  Whether it be ministering to brethren within the church or praying and going in the Lord’s harvest to see others come to know Jesus Christ and be reconciled to God.  In reality we should be busy and committed to both.  Even our prayers on behalf of others are a sweet and acceptable sacrifice before God (Rev 8:4) AND are the means by which the Lord accomplished much of His will on earth.  Don’t allow yourselves to become idle but rather be found “fervent in spirit serving the Lord” (Romans 12:11).  In fact, that verse says IN DILIGENCE be not slothful, but fervent in spirit serving the Lord.  Even with realization of the lateness of the hour we live let it not cause us to be idle just waiting for things to happened but let us be found being even MORE diligent in serving the Lord!  Like the apostle Paul, let us labor according to the grace of God within us. (1 Corth 15:10)  God has given each believer a measure of grace and with that grace we can labor in the things of God, keeping our eyes on “things above”, laying up treasure in heaven.  Again, don’t let the darkness of the time we live in or the lateness of the day cause you to be “idle and slothful” as it relates to your life in the kingdom of God.  

May the Lord bless you in Jesus Name.

IN Christ,

Sean & Lisa Scott

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