As many of you know we've been back in Dallas now for about three weeks.   It was a long flight back from India with just a few bumps.  The airline had to reroute our flights from India due to some weather delays but they worked it out and we made it back almost in the same amount of time.  The airline however lost one of my bags (containing both of my hand held PA systems) and haven't been able to find it.  Overall though it was a good flight back and the Lord gave us much grace with our children.  (They really did do well for taking a 6 hour bus ride and then 4 different flights!)

Since being back in Texas we've been able to meet with some dear brethren in Christ AND have been preparing to leave once again.  It was great to see some brethren we know and love here in Texas and to see Josef and Lina who traveled up from Mexico. Also, by the grace of God and a generous gift we were able to purchase a used van for our family to travel in.  Before we came back to the U.S. the Lord showed us we'd be in Texas for a short time and then He was sending us to New Mexico.  So tomorrow morning we leave for New Mexico to fellowship with and exhort some brethren in Christ as the Lord has led us.

In many ways it was really difficult to leave India especially seeing real fruit in some of the brethren there.  Two brothers in particular seemed to really grow in their faith.  And it seems the Lord sent us specifically for them during this time in their life.  One brother in particular, brother Ismail, I've written about before.  He was my personal translator, and has become a dear friend in Christ, who was kicked out of his fellowship for preaching the Word of God.  I've continued to talk with him since arriving back in the U.S. and he and his home fellowship are doing well.  Also, for those of you who would like to help brother Ismail as he preaches to Hindu's and Muslims can do so by visiting the "Missionary" page of our site (  )  He is certainly a brother who has counted the cost of following Christ and worthy of the support of the body of Christ.  Any gift or support would truly be a blessing for him and his family.

It almost seems unreal that we're back here in the USA.  India seems to have come and gone in a flash.  But the Lord directed us to return and to specifically warn brethren about the coming judgment from God Himself.  During about the last month of our time in India the Lord began speaking to us about returning to the U.S.  The Lord even gave Lisa a prophetic dream concerning the coming judgment.  During the same time the Lord had also provided the air fair for us to return to the US.   We continued to pray about it all just asking the Lord to confirm everything.  We were all the way over in India and really wanted to make sure the Lord was sending us back.  About a day or so later, a sister in Christ who Lisa was meeting with said she had a dream about us.  In her dream she saw us all get on a plane and head back to the U.S.  She knew nothing of what we were praying about and what all the Lord had been doing in us.  It seemed clear that the Lord was telling us to return, telling us why He's having us return, and providing the means for us to return.  So we booked our tickets and headed back to the U.S.


While in India the Lord gave my wife a prophetic dream about judgment from God specifically in the USA.  (The Lord has given Lisa many prophetic dreams since her conversion).  This was really a continuation of two other dreams the Lord had previously given her.  The first of these dreams was about 4 or 5 years ago.  In this dream she was in the U.S. inside a high tower looking out at the sky.  In the distance were very dark clouds that were moving to cover the whole sky but had not done so yet. They were still a great distance away. But she knew in the dream that God was in the clouds (Psalm 18) and that He was coming to bring judgment. She also saw a valley below and there were many people in the valley who saw the dark clouds coming. They were trying to escape but were unable too.  They were trying to climb out of the valley with all their effort without success.  This was the first dream.  Then about a year ago she had another dream along the same lines. In this dream she was in a closet praying. When she was done praying she went to look out of the window and saw dark black clouds with lightning going through it. Then she went outside and saw that the clouds were covering about a fourth of the sky but she knew they were moving to cover the entire sky. In this dream she saw people and they seemed to be unconcerned about the coming storm.  The last dream she had on the coming judgment was when we were in India about a month ago. In this dream she was in the U.S. and was again looking at the sky. Only this time the thick black clouds were covering the ENTIRE sky. The whole thing was completely covered. She knew that the only thing left was for God to rain down the fullness of His judgment and that it would happen very soon. She knew that we had very little time before this came to pass.  She also knew in the dream that the Lord had given us time to exhort brethren but that this time was SHORT. 

I truly believe there will be very few people in this country, including believers, who are ready for what's ahead.  Though many claim to be walking with Christ it is evident that the love of the world (lust of the flesh, eyes, and pride of life) still has a deep hold on them.  Many believers and professing believers still have not let God deal with the idolatry in their heart and they will find these coming days most difficult as the Lord strips them of everything they've truly trusted in.  For some it will be their houses, for some it will be their comfort, for some it will be their money, possessions, ect...ect (the list goes on and on).  As they see these things disappear fear will rise in their heart as they see their idol destroyed and be forced to realize they have not truly trusted in the Lord.  Many will certainly go through many trials and pains that could have been avoided had they heeded the Word of God and listened to that still small voice. 

If you are reading this I urge you to get before the Lord and examine your life in light of His Word.  And may the Lord give you light to know the true condition of your heart at this moment in time. 

In Jesus Name,

Sean Scott

10/25/2012 02:33:37 am

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